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Around Our Application

Our application makes the traveler the master of his own trip. From selecting the car to chauffeur everything can be done by a client within minutes. Not only this, the traveler shall be able to track the ride and rate the travel trips according to his experience. Our application specializes in:

  • Personalised Chauffeur
  • Quick Bookings
  • Easy Future Reservations
  • Free Cancellation
  • Track The Ride

lux VIP transportationlux VIP transportation

lux VIP transportation

Best App For Managing Your Reservation

  • Easy To Choose Your Vehicle

    From a wide range of options, choose the car that suits your requirements.

  • Confirmed Reservation

    No confusion, no hassle, once you confirm the booking our chauffeur will be there to pick you up well on time.

  • Edit Reservation Facility

    Easy and quick changes can be made to reservations before pickups.


Key Features of Lux VIP Passenger App


Book For Now

Instant book and ride in luxury.


Book For Later

Book early for all the future rides during the day.


Upcoming Reservations

Reminder of a ride before the chauffeur arrives.


Past Reservations

A record of all travel history is maintained under the rider’s profile/p>


Easy To Use

Download, fill in personal information and you are all good to go.


Smart Notification

News, updates, and all relative travel information are shown and accessible under smart notification.